Map vs. Compass

“The map keeps getting redrawn; technology keeps changing the routes we take. The compass, on the other hand, is more important then ever. If you don’t know which direction you’re going, how will you know when you’re off course? We spend most of our time learning the map, while we should be calibrating our compass.” […]

How to Choose a Dentist the Smart Way

Here at The Plano Dentist, we think it’s important for patients in the Dallas area to know the right way to choose a dentist, whether you’re choosing a cosmetic dentist or a family dentist. Although it may seem easy to just pick a name out of the phone book, Dr. Kim has some recommendations that […]


At The Plano Dentist, we always expect the best, but prepare for the unexpected. Being a mother herself, Dr. Kim knows how crucial it is to protect the safety of our children. As a result we are providing ToothPrint kits FREE to local children. ToothPrints was developed by a pediatric dentist who began using dental […]

Give your son or daughter a 7 year “leap” ahead in life!

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Discover how your high school or college student can qualify to receive a FREE scholarship presented by The Plano Dentist to attend one of the premier youth leadership and career development experiences in the country. The LEAP Program is a week-long success skills program for motivated high school and college students who want to get […]