Tooth-Colored Fillings

Beautiful White Fillings In Plano

Girl with white dental fillings from a Plano dentist near Frisco and Allen TX.If you’ve ever been to a dentist, then you probably are familiar with what a filling is, and you or your family members may have had one or two already. A dental filling restores a tooth after decay has been removed. Once the decay has been cleaned out, the filling is placed in the tooth, restoring functionality and enabling normal usage.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Fillings from the past were often metal-based (usually made of either gold or amalgam) which meant that they did not easily match the color of natural teeth. Traditional metal fillings also could include mercury, which has been linked to health problems in a number of studies.

At The Plano Dentist near Allen, TX, we use modern tooth-colored fillings (most often comprised of ceramic and plastic compounds known as composite resins), which match the color of your natural teeth and feel just like them too.

In the past, with metal fillings, it was glaringly obvious when you had dental work of this nature; with white fillings, this is no longer a concern. Tooth-colored fillings mean that you no longer have to worry about people noticing your dental work because these restorations blend so seamlessly into your smile!

There are essentially two types of dental fillings you can get. These dental filling types include:

Man with tooth-colored fillings from a Plano dentist.

  • Direct dental fillings – After the dentist has prepared your tooth, direct dental fillings are placed immediately into the prepared cavity. In just one visit, your tooth can be restored back to full functionality with a beautiful white filling.
  • Indirect dental fillings – These fillings are for more extensive areas that require restoration. The dentist will prepare the tooth and take an impression of the area that needs to be restored, and then they will put in a temporary filling. Using the impression, a dental lab will make the dental filling to fit the exact space in your tooth. Like a puzzle piece, this new filling will be placed in your tooth after the temporary filling has been removed and cemented in place.

Whichever filling method you choose, thanks to modern dental technology, our white fillings will do a wonderful job of restoring your confident smile.

Cavity? Get Tooth-Colored Fillings in Plano

Do you suspect that you may have a cavity or have questions about our dental filling options? Give us a call, text, or email today if you are in the Plano area, including the communities of Frisco and Allen, TX!

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