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Family who go to the Plano dentist near Frisco and Allen for their general dentistry needs, such as teeth cleaning services and night guards.Maintain Great Oral Health With General Dentistry In Plano

Here at The Plano Dentist, Dr. Cruz and his dedicated team hope to provide a friendly and comfortable environment to help you achieve your oral health goals. We provide top-quality dental services to the wonderful people of Plano and aspire to offer the best in general dentistry and other oral health services.

“I have been going to The Plano Dentist for three years now. Never liked going to the dentist. Now I can’t wait to go for my six month cleaning. I love the gentle care so much that I took my daughter from her pediatric dentist so that she can go with me for now on.”
-Thu T., General Dentistry Patient

Our General Dentistry Services Include:

  • Checkups | The best way to maintain optimal oral health includes regular visits for dental hygiene. We try our best to make your regular checkup a positive experience and use top-quality equipment to further the longevity of your teeth.
  • Teeth Cleanings | One of the simplest preventative measures against tooth decay is regular teeth cleanings. Our dental hygienists make teeth cleanings an easy and comfortable procedure for patients.
  • Night Guards | Clench or grind your teeth at night? We can help. By fitting you with a night guard we can help you prevent further wear from clenching or grinding. A night guard from The Plano Dentist is designed to fit your mouth, maximizing its effectiveness and helping prevent more expensive dental work. Night guards are also effective for patients with TMJD problems such as jaw pain and headaches.
  • Fillings | Old metal fillings from the past have are linked to long-term health problems. Here at The Plano Dentist we use modern materials such as composite resins (plastic and ceramic compounds) that look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings | Oral cancer is a debilitating, life-threatening form of cancer. Our oral cancer screenings at The Plano Dentist near Allen, TX aim to catch it in its early stages to help our patients get the treatments they need.
  • Gum disease treatment | Gum disease is no laughing matter as research has frequently linked it with heart disease, among other ailments. Our team has the equipment and training to help identify and treat gum disease, helping prevent further issues later on.
  • Tooth Extractions | It’s not pleasant to have to have a tooth removed, but if it has to be done, it’s better to have someone skilled on your side. If you need your tooth pulled, our team will do their best to ensure you are given excellent care.

Get Started with General Dentistry Services Near Frisco TX!

We are ready and happy to help you whether you just need a teeth cleaning or a night guard! Stop searching for a dentist, and give us a call or text today if you are in Plano, Frisco, or Allen, TX!
Older couple gets all their general dentistry needs addressed near Frisco TX, particularly teeth cleanings and night guards.

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