Embarrassed By Your Teeth In Plano?

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Plano aesthetic dentistry

What is a beautiful smile worth? Dallas men and women who have received a smile makeover at The Plano Dentist in Plano say it was worth every penny. Your smile is a part of you that you share with your Plano family, Plano friends, and Allen colleagues every day. An attractive smile creates confidence. If […]

Plano Smile Makeovers At The Plano Dentist

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beautiful smile Plano

Many Texas dental patients have experienced a boost in self-confidence by undergoing restorative or cosmetic dentistry at The Plano Dentist in Plano. I’m Dr. Kelly Kim of The Plano Dentist. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping Dallas dentistry patients dramatically improve their smile and overall strength with the latest tooth restoration procedures to correct […]

Our Plano Dental Team Takes Care Of You

Plano Dental Team

At The Plano Dentist, each dental professional on our team allows our practice to operate smoothly and provide the highest caliber of dental care. Today’s Plano dentistry article will focus on the duties of a dental assistant. You probably think of the dental assistant as: “The one who suctions my mouth while the dentist is […]

Using Nature As Our Guide At The Plano Dentist In Plano

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smile design Plano

Kelly Kim at The Plano Dentist performs complete smile re-designs that turn ordinary teeth (or even teeth with significant problems) into sensational smiles. If you have been considering a smile makeover, you probably want to find out if you will still look like yourself. The answer is “Yes! Only better!” You see, Dr. Kelly Kim […]

Not All Smile Makeovers Are Created Equal

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Fort Worth cosmetic smile makeover

Hello Plano! Welcome to the The Plano Dentist dental blog. Let’s talk about smile makeovers. Some Plano patients wonder if  the term is synonymous with general cosmetic dentistry. Are the placement of four veneers considered a smile makeover? Well, yes and no. If your smile is attractive and healthy except for some chips in your […]

Spotlight-Ready Smiles From The Plano Dentist In Plano, Texas

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what are dental implants

A mouth full of unattractive teeth can really distract from a beautiful person’s appearance. Having a red-carpet-worthy smile can bring you increased satisfaction and confidence in your social interactions with your distinguished A-list friends. This smile, however, doesn’t have to have a celebrity price tag. Five-star yet affordable cosmetic dentistry and VIP treatment has been […]

The Dream Of No Drill In Dallas

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The Dream Of No Drill In Dallas

If you ask dental patients in the Plano, Plano, and Allen area what they hate the most about dental visits, chances are that they’ll mention the drill. Just the sound of it is enough to make people cringe. Many residents of Plano, Texas may wonder if there will ever be an alternative to the dreaded […]

Have You Thanked Your Dental Assistant Lately, Plano?

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Your Plano Dental Assistant Helps Achieve That Cosmetic Dental Smile

Your Dallas, Plano, or Allen dental practice would be a very different place if it weren’t for the competent dental assistants who work there. Today in the Plano, Texas dental blog we would like to highlight the importance of these hard workers who are often taken for granted. Plano dental assistants make your dental appointment […]