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Isabella Mejia at The Plano Dentist performs complete smile re-designs that turn ordinary teeth (or even teeth with significant problems) into sensational smiles. If you have been considering a smile makeover, you probably want to find out if you will still look like yourself.

The answer is “Yes! Only better!” You see, Dr. Isabella Mejia uses nature as a guide – nature at its best – when improving smiles. It is critical to bring multiple components into harmony when designing a a terrific smile makeover. Here are a few:

Tooth Shape – includes proportion and alignment
Tooth Size – this also includes the unique dimensions of the spaces between the teeth
Tooth Color – hue, value, intensity, and color variations between teeth
Tooth Bite – how upper and lower teeth fit together
Gumline – shape and color
Face Shape and Bone Structure
Skin Tone
Lips – color, shape, size

This list is not comprehensive, but gives you an idea of the complexity. Though advanced cosmetic dentistry is multifaceted, it follows the esthetic principles expressed in naturally beautiful smiles.

But you don’t have to worry about midlines and microesthetics because we are passionate about the details. We invite you to schedule a smile design consultation to talk to Dr. Mejia about your current smile and the brilliant smile you desire.

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