The Reality of Low Self-esteem Due to Crooked Teeth

low self-esteem due to crooked teeth Plano

A smile to be proud of. What’s that worth to a child?

Let’s consider the story of a fictional young boy, though the scenario is equally true for girls.

Imagine what life is like for someone who is embarrassed by his smile. He consciously tries not to smile. He doesn’t speak up in school because his peers might notice.

Other people make assumptions

He starts thinking of himself as different or unappealing. Because of this, other children make assumptions. “He isn’t happy.” “He doesn’t know the answers.” “He doesn’t want to hang out with us.

He is treated differently. Self-consciousness about his crooked teeth affect his personality and limit his progression.

Missed opportunities accumulate

The years go by. His low self-esteem intensifies. He doesn’t put himself in circumstances where he would be noticed. Bypassed opportunities accumulate. He misses out on the personal development those opportunities could offer.

Of course, the young man could repair his smile anytime in his adult years. Despite his age, straightening his teeth would change his life.

But how would his childhood have been different if he had been able to adjust his teeth in elementary or middle school?

Self-esteem is essential for healthy psychological development

Investing in orthodontics as soon as possible changes the trajectory of a child’s life. It requires an investment of time and expense. But it’s the most worthwhile investment a parent can make.

A smile to be proud of is worth everything

If your son or daughter has any sort of tooth alignment abnormality, make an appointment for a consultation.

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth

We will examine your child’s teeth and recommend various orthodontic treatment plans. We’ll also discuss financing options.

We look forward to meeting you and your youngster.

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