What oral issues should you be aware of during pregnancy?

Categories: Oral Health

Maintaining your oral health is an important part of keeping your entire body well, and never more so than when you’re expecting. If you’re pregnant or considering pregnancy, schedule an appointment with us, and remember to raise the issue of your oral health at prenatal appointments with Dr. John Potter.

If pregnant, Dr. Potter wants you to be aware of the following issues:

Tooth Decay
Excessive morning sickness can also contribute to tooth decay, as the acids in your stomach introduced to the mouth during vomiting wear away the protective enamel coating on your teeth.

Gingivitis & Gum Disease
This is a major issue. The precursor to gum disease is gingivitis, a condition in which plaque buildup on teeth irritates the gums, making them red, swollen and sensitive. The high levels of hormones in the bloodstream brought on by pregnancy exaggerate your gums’ reaction to irritation from plaque.

Loose Teeth
Another risk faced during pregnancy is loosening teeth. The large amounts of hormones in your bloodstream can have an unfavorable affect on the bones and ligaments that create the foundation of your teeth, weakening them to the point that teeth may loosen.

The ideal time to schedule an appointment at The Plano Dentist is before becoming pregnant. Dr. Potter will perform a check-up to determine the state of your oral health and how pregnancy might affect you. We will discuss completing any necessary treatments prior to your pregnancy. Give us a call today!