Do You Eat A Smile-Healthy Diet?

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Today’s post from the Plano Dentist explains how specific foods and eating practices impact our teeth.

The Sugar Problem
Sugars get converted by bacteria in the mouth to acids. It is the acids that begin to assault enamel and initiate decay for men and women of all ages. Fruits have high water content which can dilute the effects of the sugars they contain and get the saliva flowing so they aren’t really worthy of banishment. It’s the chocolate bars, hard candies, cookies, cakes, and pies that are.

Acidic Food Coupling
Oranges, tomatoes, lemons and the like should be eaten as part of a meal to decrease the acidic effects. It is a good idea to eat a variety of healthy foods such as cheeses, chicken, other meats, nuts, and milk. The calcium and phosphorus will encourage tooth remineralization.

Timing of Meals
The more often you eat the more frequently your teeth are subject to the decay process. This can be tempered by selecting healthy snacks. And keep in mind, the later at night you eat the more likely you are to not only eat unhealthy foods but to skip oral hygiene altogether.

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