Brighten Your Holiday Smile

While some of us don’t have a white holiday because of where we live, that doesn’t mean our smiles shouldn’t be white! This is the time of year for celebrations and gathering with friends and family. A bright, cheery smile should be your best accessory for the many “photo ops” you’ll encounter. At The Plano Dentist, Dr. Potter wants to make it easy for you to flash that picture perfect smile.

For those of you living here in the Plano, Texas area, we know you’ll be attending many holiday parties and events. Dr. Potter suggests staying away from things that may darken or stain your smile:

1. Dark liquids: Coke, Pepsi, red wine, tea, dark fruit juice and coffee.
All these liquids can leave stains on your teeth.

2. Dark Foods: Such as blueberries, soy sauce and curry.
These foods with dark tints can also leave stain in the pores of your teeth.

3. Smoking
Cigarettes are not only harmful to your health, but also contain nicotine that can cause darkening to the outer layers of your teeth.

4. Tooth Distress
Damage or trauma to a tooth, such as bumping it hard, can cause fractures or cracks in the enamel. These cracks in the outer layers can cause your tooth to become susceptible to staining from dark liquids or foods.

Sometimes while attending holiday gatherings, it can be hard to complete avoid these certain foods or drinks. If you consume them, Dr. Potter suggests brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antibiotic mouth rinse as soon as possible.

Enjoy your holidays and be sure to flash your best accessory, your smile!