Is Mouthwash A Must?

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When you walk down the grocery store dental aisle you see many different types of mouthwash. Most claim to be good for your dental health, with germ-killing abilities or fluoride content, and some claim to whiten teeth while freshening the breath. These are all great benefits, but The Plano Dentist asks: will they help meet […]

5 Tips For Treating Mouth Sores

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When one of our patients at The Plano Dentist gets a mouth sore, we counsel them to evaluate what they’re eating and make some changes. By following these tips, you can avoid the discomfort of eating and help to increase the speed of healing. Remember, small changes can have big results in your dental health. […]

What Does Your Saliva Reveal?

The Plano Dentist knows that an oral  examination is about more than just dental health: it can reveal problems in other parts of the patient’s body. Because many diseases manifest in soft tissues of the mouth or cause pain in the jaw, we often refer patients to their medical doctor for further diagnosis when they […]

Bridging The Gap

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Do you have a missing tooth that detracts from your otherwise beautiful teeth? Let The Plano Dentist fill the gap for you and help you get your sensational smile back! A dental bridge could help you chew and speak properly, as the perfect solution for your missing tooth. A bridge uses teeth on either side of […]