Beautiful Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry in Plano

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Unfortunately, not everyone smiles all the time. But even people who don’t smile very often will break into a grin after seeing the results of the cosmetic dentistry from The Plano Dentist. The Plano Dentist has been cleaning, restoring and improving smiles since 2005. We find that patients are interested in more than clean teeth […]

Are Childhood Cavities Inevitable? Dental Health in Plano

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Parents who want their children to have good dental health know that they need to set the right example. That means teaching good dental hygiene, and bringing them in to The Plano Dentist for a checkup and cleaning every six months. If we want our kids to be active, we should get off the couch […]

Worried About Dental Visits? Sedation Dentistry in Plano

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“How can I deal with anxiety about visiting the dentist?” This is a common question here in Plano, and at dentist offices all over the country. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but for many patients, sedation dentistry is the blessing they’d hoped for. First, though, the Plano Dentist likes to know what’s going on with […]

Protect Those Nooks And Crannies

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At The Plano Dentist, we’re passionate about the prevention of dental caries, which is the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile. Preventative dentistry – brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings with a dental hygienist – are vital for keeping your smile bright and free of cavities. There are some places, however, where enamel damage […]

Excellence In Family Dentistry At The Plano Dentist

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Excellence In Family Dentistry At The Plano Dentist

Welcome to the The Plano Dentist family dentistry blog. At The Plano Dentist in Plano, we are proud of our legacy of dental excellence. If you are interviewing family dentists in Plano, Dallas, Allen, or Fort Worth, we invite you to visit us at The Plano Dentist in Plano. Our dental service menu includes general, […]

Want A Reason To Smile All The Time?

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If you are not happy with your smile, we invite you to consider a complete cosmetic dental smile makeover. 1. Look and feel younger. 2. Improve your oral health. 3. Increase your confidence. 4. Smile all the time! Hello, I am Dr. Kim. Welcome to my dental blog. I serve my patients at The Plano […]