An Air-dried Toothbrush Is A Healthy Toothbrush

An Air-dried Toothbrush Is A Healthy Toothbrush Dallas

There are simple things you can do with your toothbrush to keep your dental health at its best. (This is the sort of thing you might expect from The Plano Dentist, right?)

One of the most important habits you can form is to let your toothbrush air dry completely between uses. Just place it in a toothbrush holder on the counter with the bristles pointing up.

Easy-peasy. This method of storage is much better than putting it in a drawer, where it will take longer to dry.

Similarly, make sure your toothbrush is dry before you seal it away in a travel container.

A good strategy is dry is to buy two toothbrushes. Alternate between the two, so each has time to fully dry out between uses.

We recommend using a soft-bristle brush, and replacing it every three to four months. There are lots of different kinds of brushes to choose from. The most important consideration is what works best for you, so use a brush that feels good in your hand, and allows you to reach all of your teeth without difficulty.

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