Tooth Whitening For A Whiter Smile

Plano Tooth Whitening For Whiter SmilesTeeth whitening is one of the easiest and most in-demand cosmetic dentistry procedures at The Plano Dentist. An hour in the dentist chair, and you can get dramatic results to your smile.

There are a lot of over-the-counter whitening products available at any grocery store. But over-the-counter products all pale in comparison to the professional-grade teeth whitening. We have two options: in-office  treatment, and take-home kits.

Each can give you the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted. How, you may wonder, are these take-home kits any better than what you’ll find in the grocery store? The answer is that they are professional strength.

Professional-grade teeth whitening can whiten teeth up to ten shades. It is the safest, most convenient way to achieve a fabulous white smile.

A healthy white smile is an asset in social and professional settings. At The Plano Dentist, we’ll help you get the whitest smile possible. Teeth whitening is just one of our cosmetic dentistry services. Call for an appointment with us today.

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