What Can The Plano Dentist Do For You, Plano?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

We serve residents in the Allen and Plano TX areas from ages 18 to 80. Our comfortable team is there to help you get the healthiest teeth possible.

Along with healthy teeth, many of our Allen patients want to know more about popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. These include teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, gum contouring, and more!

Is It Growing In Your Mouth?

Categories: Dental Implants

Believe it or not plaque can rear its ugly head in any Plano mouth – even yours – no matter how meticulous you try to be. If you have deep grooves, watch out. If you have a receding gum line, watch out. If you are a candy-loving Plano resident with the proverbial sweet tooth, watch out.

All about veneers, with The Plano Dentist

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

At The Plano Dentist, we know that, for many people, porcelain veneers do more than change smiles—they change lives. After all, there’s no reason to put up with gaps in your teeth or with teeth that are stained, discolored, badly shaped, chipped, or crooked. A veneer placed on top of your teeth at our office…