Plano Smile Makeovers At The Plano Dentist

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beautiful smile Plano

Many Texas dental patients have experienced a boost in self-confidence by undergoing restorative or cosmetic dentistry at The Plano Dentist in Plano. I’m Dr. Isabella Mejia of The Plano Dentist. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping Dallas dentistry patients dramatically improve their smile and overall strength with the latest tooth restoration procedures to correct…

Using Nature As Our Guide At The Plano Dentist In Plano

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Isabella Mejia at The Plano Dentist performs complete smile re-designs that turn ordinary teeth (or even teeth with significant problems) into sensational smiles. If you have been considering a smile makeover, you probably want to find out if you will still look like yourself. The answer is “Yes! Only better!” You see, Dr. Isabella Mejia…

Creating Beautiful Smiles At The Plano Dentist

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Creating beautiful Plano smiles at The Plano Dentist

I’m glad you found our blog! I’m Peggy Jones, DDS, of The Plano Dentist, a full-service dental practice in Plano. I am a proud member of American Dental Association. My profession is dentistry, but my passion is providing superior and affordable Plano dental care for my patients.