Healthy Teeth and Your Plano Diet

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Maintaining healthy teeth is an important concern for our local Plano residents. As your family dentist, it’s my job to help you understand how to care for your teeth and to keep them healthy. Everyone in the Plano knows that maintaining healthy teeth requires regular daily brushing and flossing. Regular visits to your local Plano general dentistry […]

Your Plano Dentist And Cleaning Your Teeth

Family Dentistry Plano

The Lone Star State is known for its beautiful smiles, and our local Plano community is no exception. Keeping your teeth clean is an important factor in maintaining your beautiful smile. One of the benefits of regularly visiting your local Plano family dentist is a thorough teeth cleaning and a review of your brushing habits. […]

Ask A Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry has really taken off lately, and many of our Allen TX dentistry customers are asking us how cosmetic dentistry might work for them. When you ask a dentist questions, you’ll get good advice because your Allen TX dentist is here to help, experienced, and familiar with the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry. If […]

Have A Large Cavity In Your Tooth?

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When Dr. Isabella Mejia of The Plano Dentist in Plano repairs a tooth that has decay or damage, the procedure chosen often depends on the location of the problem. (We’re talking tooth-specific locale here; it doesn’t matter whether you live in Plano, or a nearby community.) If there is a chip, crack or cavity on […]